Special Announcements

50 & 100 Yard Range Cardboard Backers

The cardboard backers used to hang targets on the 50 & 100 yard rifle ranges are 18″ x 30″.
Please bring your own cardboard in case there is not any left on the range.
Targets are to be hung on the cardboard only – PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT AT THE WOOD CROSS MEMBER FRAMES!!



Please be sure to check the Calendar for open range times and read the Range Reminder.

A Word of Caution to Our Shooters:
“At the request of our farm neighbors; in order to promote safety and to protect the club from liability, all ranges will be CLOSED when there are workers in the fields to the west of the club. All shooting should cease when requested by the farm neighbor or when shooters notice moving equipment in the fields. We appreciate your compliance with this request.”



Gopher Campfire’s clubhouse is NOT available for rent to individuals for non-club purposes.




Please forward this to any other members that you know that may not have read this. Thank you for your help.

With the  hunting season fast approaching, I would like to address the  rifle and slug shooters of Gopher Campfire. The majority of Gopher Campfire  members are courteous shooters that obey the club rules and gun safety, but  there are a few out there that do not.

Once you enter Gopher Campfire property, you, the member, are responsible  for your actions and the actions of those with you. I would like to remind  all members that the rifle shooting rules are posted at the shooting benches  and I would like each of you to read them before you shoot the next time.

In the past we have had holes shot through the building, garbage such as  TV sets, microwave ovens, computers, and paint cans shot and left on the range,  even the lights have been shot out of the trap range. These actions will no  longer be tolerated.

Gopher Campfire is requiring the following:

  • Only shoot paper  targets properly posted on the cardboard pieces between the 2×4’s.
  • Do NOT shoot  at the 2×4’s.
  • Do not post your targets on      the 4×4 uprights. Last spring there was nothing left to post targets on  so the club had to replace all the wood structure for shooting.
  • Do not shoot at spinner targets,      milk jugs or anything else setting on the ground. This type of activity  can result in ricochets.
  • The garbage barrels are not  targets. Please do NOT shoot them.
  • Also refrain from shooting full      metal jacketed bullets. These bullets do not mushroom and have the tendency  to carry further for possible ricochets.

Everyone that is shooting at the    range if over 18 years of age MUST be a member, it is everyone’s duty to ensure that all shooters are members, so ask  them! If they aren’t members explain to them that they must be and they  can pick up membership cards from any of the officers, the gun shop, or Schmeling  Oil. If they refuse to leave just call the sheriff or one of the club’s officers  and we will deal with the individual. If you observe an individual or a group  of individuals not following the shooting rules talk to them. If they are causing  damage get their license number and call the sheriff or club officer do not try deal with them yourself they do have guns and live ammunition.

I am asking each of you to help    police the range. Again no one should be shooting at anything other then    paper targets, but if you see items on the  range or garbage barrels full please help the club and empty them this also  includes your brass. If each of us takes pride in our club we should have a  long future of shooting fun at Gopher Campfire. If we can’t curb the  misuse of the range, it will force us to close the range to all shooting except  for designated shooting times with a range officer present to police the shooters. Shooters, it is up to you! The next few months will prove to us that ALL our  shooters are mature enough to leave the range open without a range officer  having to parent you!

Happy Shooting!

President of the Gopher Campfire Club

McLeod County Sheriff – 320-864-3134 Meeker County Sheriff – 320-693-5400