Club Rules
Clubhouse Rental

Club Rules

Rules are very important to keeping our club safe. Please follow these rules at all times.

No exploding targets are permitted on the ranges!
– The club gate IS to be locked at all times!
– Club grounds shall be open to members and their families 24 hours a day.
– Gopher Campfire grounds shall be a wildlife refuge.
– No one shall hunt on the club grounds, or use the club grounds for access to other areas for hunting.
– Each member shall at all times conduct themselves as true sportsmen.
– Conservation of wildlife is a priority, Game Hogs and poachers shall not be tolerated.
– We as members are equally responsible for the care and keeping of our club grounds.
Litterbugs will destroy our grounds.

Gopher Campfire Clubhouse Rental

Gopher Campfire’s clubhouse is NOT available for rent to individuals for non-club purposes.